Mon 14 Feb 2022

A walk through lightweight blogging

Let’s say you want to set up a blog, there are plenty of good reasons after all. But, you hate websites that are slow, full of spyware, and unusable on spotty connections. This leaves you with a bit of a problem, the big names aren’t going to cut it.

This is what I ran into while setting up this blog. I didn’t find any other resources going over what was currently available, so I thought I’d run through my experience in the hopes that it will be easier for the next person.

Source: A walk through lightweight blogging.

Profiling Improvements in Go 1.18

Without doubt, Go 1.18 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting releases since Go 1. You’ve probably heard about major features such as generics and fuzzing, but this post is not about that. Instead we’ll talk about profiling and highlight a few noteworthy improvements to look forward to.

Source: Profiling Improvements in Go 1.18, an article by Felix Geisendörfer.

Upcoming Python Features Brought to You by PEPs

Before any new feature, change or improvement makes it into Python, there needs to be a Python Enhancement Proposal, also knows as PEP, outlining the proposed change. These PEPs are a great way of getting the freshest info about what might be included in the upcoming Python releases. So, in this article we will go over all the proposals that are going to bring some exciting new Python features in a near future!

Source: Upcoming Python Features Brought to You by Python Enhancement Proposals, an article by Martin Heinz.