Mon 08 Nov 2021

Plugins in Rust: Reducing the Pain with Dependencies

The last article of this series covered how the plugin system could be implemented from scratch. This is a lot of work if you’re dealing with a relatively large codebase and therefore a complex interface in your plugin system, so let’s see how we can make our lives easier. I’ve been wanting to try abi_stable for this since the beginning, which was specifically created for plugins. But we aren’t really locked to that crate, so I’ll show other alternatives as well, which can even be combined to your liking.

Source: Plugins in Rust: Reducing the Pain with Dependencies.

Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features

Most of us are not aware of all the features in tools we use on a daily basis, especially if it's big and extensive like PostgreSQL. With PostgreSQL 14 released just a few weeks ago, what a better opportunity to shed a light on some lesser known features that already exist in PostgreSQL, but you may not know.

Source: Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features, an article by Haki Benita.