Sun 07 Nov 2021

Emacs & Emojis: A ❤ Story

Emacs grew support for displaying colour emojis recently (and this is included in the release branch, which will become Emacs 28.1 in some months). This includes support for the grapheme cluster emojis (that consist of a number of Unicode code points, joined together with zero-width joiners and magic).

Source: Emacs & Emojis: A ❤ Story, an article by Lars Ingebrigtsen.

A terrible schema from a clueless programmer

The first time you encounter something, you're probably going to make some mistakes. There's a post going around tonight about how someone forgot to put an index on some database thing and wound up doing full table scans (or something like that). The rub is that instead of just being slow, it also cost a fair amount of money because this crazy vendor system charged by the row or somesuch. So, by scanning the whole table, they touched all of those rows, and oh hey, massive amounts of money just set ablaze!

The usual venues are discussing it, and I get the impression some people have the wrong approach to this. I want to describe a truly bad database schema I encountered, and then tell you a little about what it did to the system performance.

Source: A terrible schema from a clueless programmer.