Mon 01 Nov 2021

Install Python packages from git repository with pip

When it comes to packages probably every Python developer thinks of pypi. This is the most common way of distribution them in the ecosystem.

But there are several cases where packages are in a progress or pre alfa state in which a package maintaner considers a release is too early. Or in other cases packages are only ment to be used internally. One solution is to install such packages is via git.

Source: Install Python packages from git repository with pip, an article by Harald Nezbeda.

Spiders are much smarter than you think

People tend to associate intelligence with brain size. And as a general guideline, this makes sense: more brain cells, more mental capabilities. Humans, and many of the other animals we’ve come to think of as unusually bright, such as chimpanzees and dolphins, all have large brains. And it’s long been assumed that the smallest brains simply don’t have the capacity to support complex mental processes. But what if they do?

The vast majority of Earth’s animal species are rather small, and a vanishingly small portion of them have been studied at all, much less by cognition researchers. But the profile of one group of diminutive animals is rapidly rising as scientists discover surprisingly sophisticated behaviors among them.

“There is this general idea that probably spiders are too small, that you need some kind of a critical mass of brain tissue to be able to perform complex behaviors,” says arachnologist and evolutionary biologist Dimitar Dimitrov of the University Museum of Bergen in Norway. “But I think spiders are one case where this general idea is challenged. Some small things are actually capable of doing very complex stuff.”

Source: Spiders are much smarter than you think, an article by Betsy Mason.

Haskell series part 6

In this article we are going to cover higher order functions. It sounds like a big word, but this is something very natural that we are using without realizing it most of the time.

Source: Haskell series part 6, an article by Pierre Guillemot.