Sun 31 Oct 2021

Timing With Curl

When faced with a potential latency issue in web services, this is often one of the first commands I run several times from multiple clients because the results form this command help to get a quick sense of the layer that might be responsible for the latency issue.

Source: Timing With Curl, an article by Susam Pal.

Cross-compiling and Static-linking with Nix

I was having a problem at work with an ARM64 Linux edge device. I have an ARM64 binary on the edge device, and I wanted to look at which dynamic libraries it is linked to with the readelf program. Unfortunately, readelf is not installed on the device. I was unable to figure out how to use the device's package manager.

I was able to build a readelf binary that I could use on the device by cross-compiling and statically-linking one from Nixpkgs. This post explains how to easily cross-compile and statically-link packages from Nixpkgs.

Source: Cross-compiling and Static-linking with Nix, an article by Dennis Gosnell.