Sun 10 Oct 2021

Setting up IPv6 on a Linux Router

It’s fairly straightforward to build your own router, and there are a number of tutorials for setting up IPv4 forwarding and NAT rules on Linux1. However, IPv6 is a bit more complicated. There are many BSD and Linux based operating systems like pfSense and OpenWRT, which have web management tools to make setting up IPv6 straight forward. However, if you like to run your own custom Linux distribution on your home router and control everything from the command line, this tutorial will take you through configuring dhcpcd, dnsmasq, unbound, iptables and ip6tables for full IPv6 support on your local network.

Source: Setting up IPv6 on a Linux Router, an article by Sumit Khanna.

Improving Git's Autocorrect Feature

Git has an autocorrect feature. It is not very popular and for good reason. By default, Git suggests the closest command when you try to run a command that doesn’t exist. For example, if you run git sttus, git will suggest running git status. However if you configure the help.autocorrect setting, Git can also “autocorrect” (as in run the command for you). The feature seems useful till you realize that command will be run without any user action. You can configure how long it waits before running the command but not for it to wait for user action.

Source: Improving Git's Autocorrect Feature, an article by Azeem Bande-Ali.