Wed 01 Sep 2021

How does Apple Private Relay Work?

Private Relay is an attempt by Apple to change the way traffic is routed from user to internet service and back. This is designed to break the relationship between user IP address and information about that user, reducing the digital footprint of that user and eliminating certain venues of advertising information.

It is a new feature in the latest version of iOS and MacOS that will be launching in "beta mode". It is available to all users who pay Apple for iCloud storage and I became interested in it after watching the WWDC session about preparing for it.

Source: How does Apple Private Relay Work?, an article by Mathew Duggan.

Perl & Raku: Best frenemies

Although the two languages aren’t source-compatible, the Inline::Perl5 module does enable Raku developers to run Perl code and use Perl modules within Raku, You can even subclass Perl classes in Raku and call Raku methods from Perl code. I hadn’t realized until recently that the Perl support was so strong in Raku despite them being so different, and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write some sample code in both languages to better understand the Raku way of doing things.

Source: Perl & Raku: Best frenemies, an article by Mark Gardner.

Baby Scorpions

In the evening I noticed that the Liocheles australasiae I keep since May the 27th had given birth. As this species is parthenogenetic I was hoping the adult female scorpion I keep would give birth someday.