Sun 15 Aug 2021

HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts (Part 1)

After almost five years in development, the new HTTP/3 protocol is nearing its final form. Earlier iterations were already available as an experimental feature, but you can expect the availability and use of HTTP/3 proper to ramp up over in 2021. So what exactly is HTTP/3? Why was it needed so soon after HTTP/2? How can or should you use it? And especially, how does it improve web performance? Let’s find out.

Source: HTTP/3 From A To Z: Core Concepts (Part 1), an article by Robin Marx.

Best practices for writing code comments

While there are many resources to help programmers write better code—such as books and static analyzers—there are few for writing better comments. While it's easy to measure the quantity of comments in a program, it's hard to measure the quality, and the two are not necessarily correlated. A bad comment is worse than no comment at all. Here are some rules to help you achieve a happy medium.

Source: Best practices for writing code comments, an article by Ellen Spertus.

Python Mock Gotchas

Mock is a Python mocking and testing library. It has become a de facto standard and is now included in the Python standard library.

Lately I’ve had the chance to work on a fairly large code base built upon a service-oriented architecture. In order to test each service in isolation, we make extensive use of Mock to simulate services that the code under test depends on.

During this process, we noticed that each member our team seemed to be hitting the same pitfalls, which I’m going to present in this article in the hope that it might help other developers.

Source: Python Mock Gotchas, an article by Alex Marandon.

Double Homicide

For the first time ever, bestselling novelists Jonathan and Faye Kellermen team up to deliver the launch book in a thrilling new series of short crime novels. This book--printed as a reversible volume with two different covers--contains two stories featuring different detectives solving crimes in different cities.

In the evening I started in the first story of Double Homicide, written by Jonathan Kellerman.