Sat 14 Aug 2021

How to Setup Monorepos with Git for JavaScript and TypeScript

When your app gets bigger, managing files within a project gets more complex. You may start to have modules shared between front-end and back-end projects. Often, you also need to manage different versions of those modules.

A monorepo is a way to structure your projects to manage that kind of complexity all in one place.

Source: How to Setup Monorepos with Git for JavaScript and TypeScript, an article by Hieu C Nguyen.

How Actors Work Internally in Swift

Actors is a feature that is part of Swift's Structured Concurrency, bringing a brand new format to write and deal with asynchronous code. Although what Swift brings is new to the language, it's not new to tech itself. Many languages supported actors and async/await before Swift, but one interesting thing is that they are all implemented similarly. By having these features now in Swift, there's much we can learn from what developers experienced by using them in other languages.

Source: How Actors Work Internally in Swift, an article by Bruno Rocha.