Tue 03 Aug 2021

What’s Next for Object-Oriented Perl?

But there’s a new kid on the block. Curtis “Ovid” Poe has been spearheading Corinna, an effort “to bring effective OO to the Perl core and leapfrog [emphasis his] the capabilities of many OO languages today.” No CPAN modules, no chain of dependencies; just solid OO features and syntax built-in. And while Corinna is a ways off from shipping, Paul “LeoNerd” Evans (maybe I should get a cool nickname too?) has been implementing some of these ideas as new Perl keyword syntax in his Object::Pad module.

Source: What's Next for Object-Oriented Perl?, an article by Mark Gardner.

The Ultimate Guide to Software Project Estimation

Over the past 10 years, our team has planned hundreds of development projects. As you’d expect, we’ve gotten better and better at it! Our Software Development Estimation Tool started life as a spreadsheet, before progressing into a recently updated online tool (or mini web app). This article discusses how to use the estimation tool for software development, as well as the underlying methodology that powers it. In particular, how looking at every project through two lenses (team planning and tasks) can improve your understanding of the software project’s cost and timeline.

Source: The Ultimate Guide to Software Project Estimation, an article by Damien Filiatrault.