Mon 02 Aug 2021

Learn Git!

So now you understand a certain programming language and you are writing code and coffee is your new best friend. But everywhere there is code, you see Git. They say a true developer must know Git and here you are, knowing nothing about Git, but longing to getting started.

I have to admit, Git is as complex as it is popular. However, you don't need to know the whole 160+ commands of Git to use it well. Here is a short but sure tutorial that will teach you the most used feature of this world-famous version control system.

Source: Learn Git!, an article by Angelo Verlain.

Git Does Not Have Branches

Okay, this is not another git rant. Git has taken the world by storm, and anyone complaining should go sit in a corner, and stop wasting our time.

This post is an explanation of the most important quirk in git terminology and how it affects everything you do in version control. You see, while “branch” is a central keyword in git — git in fact does not have branches.

Source: Git Does Not Have Branches.