Tue 13 Jul 2021

Beating TimSort at Merging

Here is a problem. You are tasked with improving the hot loop of a Python program: maybe it is an in-memory sequential index of some sort. The slow part is the updating, where you are adding a new sorted list of items to the already sorted index. You need to combine two sorted lists and keep the result sorted. How do you do that update?

Source: Beating TimSort at Merging, an article by Adam Gordon Bell.

See also Past TimSort threads, for anyone interested, a Hacker News comment.

GitHub URL Hacks

GitHub’s UI has improved a lot over the years but sometimes you just need quick access without clicking. Here are a few GitHub URL tips to get you data you want faster. One cool thing is all of these tips give raw text output so they work great with curl and other CLI tools.

Source: GitHub URL Hacks, an article by Justin Garrison.

How to Agile

Ask 3 developers "what is agile" and you'll get four different answers. That's because there is no "definitive agile", and the Agile Manifesto which started it all is extremely loose (on purpose!).

This article will give you a brief background on agile, but more importantly it'll give you a few tips on how to apply it to your own team.

Source: How to Agile, an article by Paul Copplestone.