Fri 11 Jun 2021

A Tale of Three Docker Images

In the morning and in the early afternoon, just before work, I wrote a very long blog post on my experiences with creating 3 Docker images; one for the Python version of tumblelog, one for tweetfile, and one for the Perl version of tumblelog. All use Alpine Linux resulting in very small images, around 50MB each. Read all about it in A Tale of Three Docker Images.

BBC Micro:Bit V2 GO Bundle

In the afternoon the BBC Micro:Bit V2 GO Bundle I had ordered for Adam arrived. He has already been working with the older version of the Micro:Bit at school and was looking forward for it to arrive. I had ordered the little computer with SOS Solutions the 20th of May.

Adam shaking the BBC Micro:Bit V2
Adam shaking the BBC Micro:Bit V2.

The bundle consists of a BBC Micro:Bit V2, a USB cable, a battery holder and two AAA batteries all packed in a nice small brown carton box. At first the little computer didn't work at all after I had connected the battery holder. I even tried to connect it to my Mac mini via a USB cable, but no luck. Then I decided to check out the batteries and it turned out that I had placed one the wrong way 🙃.

BBC Micro:Bit V2 GO Bundle
BBC Micro:Bit V2 GO Bundle.

In the early evening Adam went to the Microsoft MakeCode for micro:bit web site and started his first project. Later he asked me if I could teach him how to program in Python 😊.

A Second Monitor

When we returned from dinner the Mini DisplayPort™ to DVI-D cable made by Cable Matters I ordered with Amazon the day before yesterday arrived.

Mini DisplayPort™ to DVI-D cable (Cable Matters)
Mini DisplayPort™ to DVI-D cable (Cable Matters).

At my sister-in-law's work they had some electronics up for recycling and I managed to get a Dell E1910 monitor for free. Originally it was connected to a Raspberry Pi for the children but they rarely used the Pi so the monitor was just gathering dust. Up until today as connecting the cable was literally plug-and-play; it worked without a flaw with no configuration needed. I could now drag a window to my right and see it on a second monitor.

I am very happy with this cable. It looks good quality and both ends come with a dust cap.

Zero downtime Postgres migration, done right

In this blog post we describe how to migrate a Postgres database to a new instance with zero downtime using Bucardo. We will describe how to avoid common pitfalls like data loss, deteriorated performance and data integrity failures. We have successfully used this process to migrate our Postgres databases from version 9.5 to 12.5 on RDS, but the process isn’t restricted to RDS only, and does not depend on anything AWS specific. This migration strategy should be possible with any self-hosted or managed Postgres.

Source: Zero downtime Postgres migration, done right, an article by Rigas Papathanasopoulos.