Tue 01 Jun 2021

Raspberry Silicon update: RP2040 on sale now at $1

Back in January, we launched Raspberry Pi Pico. This was a new kind of product for us: our first microcontroller-class board, and the first to be built on RP2040, a chip designed here at Raspberry Pi. At the same time, we announced RP2040-based products from our friends at Adafruit, Arduino, Sparkfun, and Pimoroni.

Today, we’re announcing the logical next step: RP2040 chips are now available from our Approved Reseller partners in single-unit quantities, allowing you to build your own projects and products on Raspberry Silicon.

Source: Raspberry Silicon update: RP2040 on sale now at $1 - Raspberry Pi, an article by Eben Upton.

Swift Concurrency

Swift is about to get its Concurrency features. Their development is going very well, with many proposals actively reviewed and a lot of the work already available in recent snapshots. The story is big and with many moving pieces interlinked with each other. That makes it a bit hard to wrap your head around the entire thing. Specially for those that don't read Swift Evolution as a hobby ^^.

Source: Swift Concurrency, an article by Alejandro Martinez.