Thu 20 May 2021

The Easiest Way to Debug Kubernetes Workloads

Sometimes you need to grab a bigger hammer or just use more appropriate tool for the task at hand. In case of debugging workloads on Kubernetes, that appropriate tool would be kubectl debug, which is a new command added not too long ago (v1.18) that allows you to debug running pods. It injects special type of container called EphemeralContainer into problematic Pod allowing you to poke around and troubleshoot.

Source: The Easiest Way to Debug Kubernetes Workloads, an article by Martin Heinz.

Write Rust lints without forking Clippy

This blog post introduces Dylint, a tool for loading Rust linting rules (or “lints”) from dynamic libraries. Dylint makes it easy for developers to maintain their own personal lint collections.

Previously, the simplest way to write a new Rust lint was to fork Clippy, Rust’s de facto linting tool. But this approach has drawbacks in how one runs and maintains new lints. Dylint minimizes these distractions so that developers can focus on actually writing lints.

Source: Write Rust lints without forking Clippy, an article by Samuel Moelius.

Primer on Python Decorators

In this tutorial on decorators, we’ll look at what they are and how to create and use them. Decorators provide a simple syntax for calling higher-order functions.

By definition, a decorator is a function that takes another function and extends the behavior of the latter function without explicitly modifying it.

Source: Primer on Python Decorators, an article by Geir Arne Hjelle.

Phaedra: Alastor 824

Wake the living Galleons at your peril...

The Elder Race once ruled the entire Alastor cluster. Fierce predators, they tore suns from the sky, leaving the worlds of their enemies to freeze in the dark. Now only the Galleons are left: living ships that sail the world river which girds Phaedra: Alastor 824. After the death of his father, Gunnar arrives on that ancient world, trying to find a new home. Having two girlfriends sounds like a good start, but Lavoine is the deeply tricky daughter of the last Voodoo queen, and Semele a fierce huntress who has sworn never to kiss a boy until she Walks with the Galleons. And now Lavoine is trying to wake up the Galleons and bring back the Elders...

In the evening I started in Phaedra: Alastor 824, a homage to Jack Vance by Tais Teng. As I am a huge fan of the former and have read a stories collection I liked a lot by the latter I look forward to read this book.