Wed 19 May 2021

Moving out of MacOS: Making Linux habitable

The Linux ecosystem is a lot better than it was when I left five years ago, but it still has a ways to go. I’ve had to do quite a bit to get my system to a point where I can reliably and comfortably work on my computer, without spending too much time working on my computer. Don’t get me wrong, I do quite enjoy recompiling kernels and tweaking my workflow - and Linux gives you the most control there - but I still do want a machine I can feel at home in, and not a permanent work-in-progress. Here’s a guide on what I ended up doing to port over the functionality I missed from the Mac and additional improvements made. It was a day or two of work but in the end, I’m happy to say that I haven’t felt the urge to open up my Mac since I finished, despite it being my happy home for the last half-decade or more.

Source: Moving out of MacOS: Making Linux habitable, an article by Hrishi Olickel.

JSON Serializer in Python

Due to JSON’s ubiquity, we end up reaching for JSON libraries regularly when we have a project that needs to exchange data with other systems. Whenever something becomes widespread and becomes an “infrastructure”, it turns into a black-box in people’s minds.

One reason JSON got so popular is the fact that it’s simple. It’s not the simplest solution to the problem, not by a long shot, but it’s flexible enough to solve a lot of problems without becoming too large. In this post we’ll be making a JSON serializer in Python that can serialize arbitrary nested data structures in a few lines of code. And more importantly, every part should be understandable and self-contained.

Source: JSON Serializer in Python, an article by Gökberk Yaltıraklı.

A Desolation Called Peace: Good

In the evening I finished A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine. I had finished the main story the evening before, and started in the glossary, but was to tired to finish the entire book. While a slow read, in my opinion, I did like the book a lot. I look forward to another sequel or a book set in the same universe.