Sat 15 May 2021

Things you can’t do in Rust

As a moderator of the Rust subreddit, I regularly happen upon posts about developers’ attempts to transpose their respective language paradigms to Rust, with mixed results and varying degrees of success.

In this guide, I’ll describe some of the issues developers encounter when transposing other language paradigms to Rust and propose some alternative solutions to help you work around Rust’s limitations.

Source: Things you can’t do in Rust (and what to do instead), an article by Andre Bogus.

5 steps to faster web fonts

In my previous post, I wrote about system fonts and their advantages over web fonts. I encouraged a ‘system fonts first’ approach, arguing that, compared to system fonts, web fonts (a) can negatively impact performance, (b) use more data, and (c) increase your site’s energy consumption. But a web without web fonts would be a far less interesting one — maybe by using web fonts a little more responsibly we can get all their benefits, while minimising the disadvantages.

Source: 5 steps to faster web fonts, an article by Iain Bean.

Building a 32 core Kubernetes cluster for less than $1,000

I enjoy working with distributed systems, and I also enjoy working with embedded devices and single-board computers, so I thought it would be fun to combine these interests and build a Kubernetes cluster using some Raspberry Pi computers. This seemed like a low-cost way to have an always-on cluster that can be used to learn more about Kubernetes, and distributed computing in general.

Source: Building a 32 core Kubernetes cluster for less than $1,000, an article by Andy Grove.