Fri 14 May 2021

Manual UIKit Layout

Whenever I mention that I don't use Interface Builder, Storyboards or Auto Layout, developers, especially newer developers, ask me how it's even possible to write UIKit apps like that. So many iOS tutorials dump you straight into Interface Builder and constraint-building, and while that does have benefits at the mid-to-high-end, like with localization and right-to-left languages, it's still a fairly sharp learning curve and mental overhead that leaves many beginners not really understanding what is going on under the hood. It's no wonder that SwiftUI seems so refreshing and easy to use, in comparison.

Source: Manual UIKit Layout, an article by Steve Troughton-Smith.

Aiming for idiomatic Rust

Recently I was exploring ways to work with pattern matching in Rust - using a small relatable example that many people may have come across during technical interviews or in online code challenges.

The problem is as follows: given a string input, determine if parenthesis, brackets and braces are 'balanced'.

Source: Aiming for idiomatic Rust, an article by Shane Osbourne.