Mon 10 May 2021

Praise for Alpine Linux

In terms of simplicity, Alpine Linux is unpeered. Alpine is the only Linux distribution that fits in my head. The pieces from which it is built from are simple, easily understood, and few in number, and I can usually predict how it will behave in production. The software choices, such as musl libc, are highly appreciated in this respect as well, lending a greater degree of simplicity to the system as a whole.

Source: Praise for Alpine Linux, an article by Drew DeVault.

Debugging HTTP services with mitmproxy

I spend a lot of my time at work writing Go services that talk to other Go services over HTTP. Much of the time, everything works as expected, but every now and then a situation arises where I’m struggling to understand why my program is receiving a specific value. Is my request not being built correctly? Am I not properly deserializing the response? Logging can be helpful, but sometimes I really just want to look at the HTTP traffic between services.

Source: Debugging HTTP services with mitmproxy, an article by Ben Burwell.