Fri 02 Apr 2021

All C++20 core language features with examples

The story behind this article is very simple, I wanted to learn about new C++20 language features and to have a brief summary for all of them on a single page. So, I decided to read all proposals and create this “cheat sheet” that explains and demonstrates each feature. This is not a “best practices” kind of article, it serves only demonstrational purpose. Most examples were inspired or directly taken from corresponding proposals, all credit goes to their authors and to members of ISO C++ committee for their work. Enjoy!

Source: All C++20 core language features with examples, an article by Oleksandr Koval.

Get Started With Tmux

Before getting started with tmux, let us go over some questions to see if tmux is right for you:

  • Do you use a terminal as part of your your development workflow?
  • Do you use multiple terminals in different tabs or windows to navigate files, edit text, compile and run code, tail log files, push code to repository, and run one-time adhoc commands?
  • Do you work on multiple projects at a time, each with its own set of workflow and environment requirements, and often have to switch context?
  • Do you SSH into remote systems?
  • Have you ever got disconnected from a remote SSH session in the middle of a task that you were running and monitoring?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then tmux is for you!

Source: Get Started With Tmux, an article by Sunaina Pai.