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Thu 01 Apr 2021

A few Git tips

I don’t do that much that’s clever with git, but I’ve found the following helpful.

Source: A few Git tips, an article by Rob Allen.

Writing Makefiles for Python Projects

Makefiles give your contributors an entry point on how to do certain things like, building, testing, deploying. And if done correctly, they can massively simplify your CI/CD pipeline scripts as they can often just stupidly call the respective make targets. Most importantly, they are a very convenient shortcut for you as a developer as well.

For Python projects, where I'm almost always using virtual environments, I've been using two different strategies for Makefiles:

  1. assuming that make is executed inside the virtual environment
  2. wrapping all virtual environment calls inside make

Both strategies have their pros and cons.

Source: Writing Makefiles for Python Projects, an article by Bastian Venthur.

HTML Inputs and Labels: A Love Story

Most inputs have something in common — they are happiest with a companion label! And the happiness doesn’t stop there. Forms with proper inputs and labels are much easier for people to use and that makes people happy too.

Source: HTML Inputs and Labels: A Love Story, an article by Amber Wilson.