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Sun 28 Mar 2021

Many models workflows in Python: part I

This post demonstrates how to organize models into dataframes for exploratory data analysis, and discusses why you might want to do this. In a future blog post I will show how to extend the basic workflow I present here to handle sample splitting, custom estimators, and parallel processing.

Source: Many models workflows in Python: part I, an article by Alex Hayes.

Perl and XML in 2021: A few lessons learned

It’s been years since I’ve had to hack on anything XML-related, but a recent project at work has me once again jumping into the waters of generating, parsing, and modifying this 90s-era document format. Most developers these days likely only know of it as part of the curiously-named XMLHTTPRequest object in web browsers used to retrieve data in JSON format from servers, and as the “X” in AJAX. But here we are in 2021, and there are still plenty of APIs and documents using XML to get their work done.

Source: Perl and XML in 2021: A few lessons learned, an article by Mark Gardner.