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Sat 27 Mar 2021

Ready Player One: Very Good

In the early evening I finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I enjoyed the book a lot. At first I was afraid that too much knowledge of the 80's was required but that was not the case. Highly recommended.

Advanced Promises in Javascript (Dataloader Pattern)

In this post I want to show a possible scenario/problem that may appear in some applications and lay down the basics of the technique used to solve it.

Source: Advanced Promises in Javascript (Dataloader Pattern), an article by Mike Alche.

The Conspiracy Club: A Novel

When his passionate romance with nurse Jocelyn Banks is cut short by her kidnapping and brutal murder, young psychologist Jeremy Carrier is left emotionally devastated, haunted by his lover’s grisly demise—and eyed warily by police still seeking a prime suspect in the slaying.

In the evening I started in The Conspiracy Club by Jonathan Kellerman.