Tue 09 Mar 2021

Building Webhooks Into Your Application

If your application is generating data that’s of interest to your customers (i.e. you’re doing something right), you’re going to get requests for webhooks at some point. But there’s not a ton of standard guidance for how to build them, especially on the security side. This post will walk through the basics of how to send out webhooks from your app, manage authentication, handle security, and provide a smooth developer experience to your customers.‍

Source: Building Webhooks Into Your Application: Guidelines and Best Practices.

How to Create PostgreSQL Test Data

Developing high quality software inevitably requires some testing data.

You could be:

  • Integration testing your application for correctness and regressions
  • Testing the bounds of your application in your QA process
  • Testing the performance of queries as the size of your dataset increases

Either way, the software development lifecycle requires testing data as an integral part of developer workflow. In this article, we'll be exploring 3 different methods for generating test data for a Postgres database.

Source: How to Create PostgreSQL Test Data, an article by Christos Hadjiaslanis.