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Mon 08 Mar 2021

JavaScript: What is the meaning of this?

JavaScript's this is the butt of many jokes, and that's because, well, it's pretty complicated. However, I've seen developers do much-more-complicated and domain-specific things to avoid dealing with this this. If you're unsure about this, hopefully this will help. This is my this guide.

Source: JavaScript: What is the meaning of this?, an article by Jake Archibald.

MicroOptimizing MySQL at scale

I’ll try to break this article down in 3 distinct areas (though, they can overlap a bit) – client, server and OS. The easiest optimizations for anyone to apply are probably query optimizations (client side). But we can also improve things directly on the MySQL server and even on the OS level. (All the things I write about here are MySQL with InnoDB, but they should be applicable to many other relational databases).

Source: MicroOptimizing MySQL at scale, an article by Aleksandar Ikonic.