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Mon 22 Feb 2021

Go is not an easy language

Go is not an easy programming language. It is simple in many ways: the syntax is simple, most of the semantics are simple. But a language is more than just syntax; it’s about doing useful stuff. And doing useful stuff is not always easy in Go.

Source: Go is not an easy language, an article by Martin Tournoij.

JSON With Commas and Comments

JWCC is a minimal extension to the widely used JSON file format with (1) optional commas after the final element of arrays and objects and (2) C/C++ style comments. These two features make it more suitable for human-editable configuration files, without adding so many features that it’s incompatible with numerous other (deliberate and accidental) existing JSON extensions.

Source: JSON With Commas and Comments, an article by Nigel Tao.