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Wed 10 Feb 2021

What's an SPF Record?

A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a piece of text that you can add to your Domain Name System (DNS). It tells email clients (such as Gmail or Outlook) who can send email from your domain, and those clients can check each email received against this record to see if it is likely to be spam or forged.

Source: What's an SPF Record? - Ultimate Guide to Email.

Python Microservices With gRPC

Microservices are a way to organize complex software systems. Instead of putting all your code into one app, you break your app into microservices that are deployed independently and communicate with each other. This tutorial teaches you how to get up and running with Python microservices using gRPC, one of the most popular frameworks.

Source: Python Microservices With gRPC, an article by Dan Hipschman.

An Introduction to Functional Programming Basics with Python

Python has several constructions that allow programmers to understand functional programming. To learn more about functional programming, see our notes on this topic.

Source: An Introduction to Functional Programming Basics with Python, an article by Priya Rathore.