Tue 09 Feb 2021

Igloo day 2

In the afternoon Esme and the children continued with the igloo project. Later in the afternoon I helped out as well.

Alice and Esme working on the igloo
Alice and Esme working on the igloo.

In the evening we managed to close the roof which was not an easy task. Luckily I had found a large piece of frozen snow that we could use as a kind of support for four more bricks. After that we filled up the holes with powdery snow.

Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 1

Haskell is, in my opinion, a far more well designed and coherent language than JavaScript. However, it's also an old language with some historical baggage. In many ways, it's a bleeding edge research language that sometimes includes...half-baked features. Due to an inconsistent set of rules around backwards compatibility, it will sometimes break code every six months, and sometimes keep strange decisions around for decades.

Source: Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 1, an article by Michael Snoyman.

There is also a part 2 and a part 3.