Sat 06 Feb 2021

Rust for Haskell Programmers!

While we focus on Haskell at MMH, it's also good to branch out to other languages every once and a while. If you're a diehard Haskell developer, Rust is one of the more interesting languages to try out when you broaden your horizons. Its syntax has a lot in common with more common, object oriented languages like C++ and Java. But it also incorporates a lot of ideas that Haskell developers would find familiar. In this series, we'll learn the basics of Rust, coming from the perspective of Haskell programmers.

Source: Rust for Haskell Programmers!.

The Guide to Git I wish I had before I started my current job

I've been working with software for well over a decade, and honestly cannot remember when I started using Git. I used to be a bit wary of many commands but thought I had a good grasp on what to do when it came to git. Then I started a new role at a larger company, which had strict git guidelines. No more messy branches, no crappy commit messages, everything rebased.

Source: The Guide to Git I wish I had before I started my current job.