Fri 05 Feb 2021

Open-sourcing Thrift for Haskell

Thrift is a serialization and remote procedure call (RPC) framework used for cross-service communication. Most services at Facebook communicate via Thrift because it provides a simple, language-agnostic protocol for communicating with structured data. Thrift can already be used in programming languages such as C++, Python, and Java using fbthrift. We are also open-sourcing Thrift support for Haskell (hsthrift).

The hsthrift package includes the full collection of tools and libraries for using Thrift in your own Haskell projects. The Haskell Thrift compiler generates the Haskell code needed to communicate with other Thrift services, and the included libraries allow you to build both Thrift clients and servers in Haskell. Haskell Thrift is fully compatible with all other fbthrift languages, so your Haskell project can freely communicate with other services no matter what language they are implemented in!

Source: Hsthrift: Open-sourcing Thrift for Haskell, an article by Noam Zilberstein and Simon Marlow.

A Complete Machine Learning Project From Scratch: Setting Up

In this first of a series of posts, I will be describing how to build a machine learning-based fake news detector from scratch. That means I will literally construct a system that learns how to discern reality from lies (reasonably well), using nothing but raw data. And our project will take us all the way from initial setup to deployed solution.

Source: A Complete Machine Learning Project From Scratch: Setting Up, an article by Mihail Eric.

Below Zero (2021): first part

On a lonely road, a prison transport is brutally assaulted. Martin, the policeman who was driving, survives and fortifies his position while the con men search for a way to finish him.

In the evening I watched Below Zero (2021) on Netflix. About half-way I got too tired and paused the movie. I liked what I had seen so far.