Fri 11 Dec 2020

Cameras and Lenses

Pictures have always been a meaningful part of the human experience. From the first cave drawings, to sketches and paintings, to modern photography, we’ve mastered the art of recording what we see.

Cameras and the lenses inside them may seem a little mystifying. In this blog post I’d like to explain not only how they work, but also how adjusting a few tunable parameters can produce fairly different results.

Source: Cameras and Lenses, an article by Bartosz Ciechanowski.

Dave goes back to Mac

I am writing this post from my new 13” Macbook Pro with an Apple M1 Chip. If you’ve been following the five year long #davegoeswindows saga, then this might come as a sudden surprise. I will be honest, it comes as a surprise to me too. The decision was a bit impulsive but my dev environment was blocking me and my time and patience was not a luxury I could afford. I’m living that aluminium utopia dongle life now and will stick to this for the forseeable future.

Source: Dave goes back to Mac, an article by Dave Rupert.