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Thu 10 Dec 2020

The Law of Innocence: excellent

In the morning I finished The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly. What a great read! Excellent, highly recommended.


In the afternoon the 2 for 1 FlexiStands™ I had ordered the 1st of December 2020 arrived. One for Alice and one for me.

FlexiStands™ box, stand, and pouch.

Pixelmator Pro 2.0

Today, when I opened Pixelmator I got a splash screen with a special offer: Pixelmator Pro with a 50% discount. This I couldn't resist and I bought the Pro version of this program immediately.

Pixelmator Pro with 50% discount
Pixelmator Pro with 50% discount.

The Saints of Salvation

Humanity is struggling to hold out against a hostile takeover by an alien race that claims to be on a religious mission to bring all sentient life to its God at the End of Time. But while billions of cocooned humans fill the holds of the Olyix’s deadly arkships, humankind is playing an even longer game than the aliens may have anticipated. From an ultra-secret spy mission to one of the grandest battles ever seen, no strategy is off the table. Will a plan millennia in the making finally be enough to defeat this seemingly unstoppable enemy? And what secrets are the Olyix truly hiding in their most zealously protected stronghold?

In the evening I started in The Saints of Salvation, book 3 in the Salvation Sequence by Peter F. Hamilton. I liked the previous 2 books a lot so I have high expectations of the third and final book in the series.