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Thu 03 Dec 2020

Sockets In Your Shell

Something I learned recently and I thought was amazing - you can create sockets straight from your shell! Well, assuming you use bash or zsh - from some surface level digging, I couldn’t find anything for fish.

Source: Sockets In Your Shell.

Testing the UI without UI Testing in Swift

Normally I’ve reached for UI Testing. Unfortunately, more and more issues with XCUITest seem to pop up. It’s become (always has been?) a tad too flaky and unreliable. And even when it works it’s orders of magnitude slower than XCTest.

Whats been working for me is a middle ground: testing the UI in XCTest. In other words, integration- or feature-level tests written in Xcode’s unit testing framework.

Source: Testing the UI without UI Testing in Swift, an article by Joe Masilotti.

The Power of Recursive Macros in Vim

Macros represent a simple concept which can be described as “record the sequence of my actions, save them, and anytime I need them again, execute them.”

This is probably the most underused Vim feature which can improve your productivity dramatically. You can do all sorts of amazing stuff with your code using macros.

Source: The Power of Recursive Macros in Vim, an article by Jovica Ilic.