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Tue 24 Nov 2020

Intuitive Guide to Convolution

Like making engineering students squirm? Have them explain convolution and (if you're barbarous) the convolution theorem. They'll mutter something about sliding windows as they try to escape through one.

Source: Intuitive Guide to Convolution.

Everything curl – Trace Options

There are times when -v is not enough. In particular, when you want to store the complete stream including the actual transferred data.

For situations when curl does encrypted file transfers with protocols such as HTTPS, FTPS or SFTP, other network monitoring tools (like Wireshark or tcpdump) will not be able to do this job as easily for you.

For this, curl offers two other options that you use instead of -v.

Source: Trace options - Everything curl

Configuring Git for Work

You can override your globally configured email inside individual repositories, allowing you to use your work email for work-related repos. Setting this up for each repo—and remembering to do so—is cumbersome. Luckily, there is an easier way to accomplish this for all repos within a certain directory.

Source: Configuring Git for Work, an article by Philipe Fatio.