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Mon 23 Nov 2020

Life inside a docker container

To understand how Docker works, we need to understand how the outside world interacts with it, and how it looks on the inside.

Source: Life inside a docker container, an article by Omkar Birade.

Introspection in Python

Let’s investigate how you can use built-in Python tools to both:

  • find out exactly what any module can do, and
  • find out exactly how Python will execute your code.

This makes debugging Python code much easier than in other languages I’ve used. You can ask any object what it does and what data it holds - and this is built in to the language!

Source: Python objects speak for themselves.

Interviewing Apple about its Mac silicon revolution

Some time ago, in an Apple campus building, a group of engineers got together. Isolated from others in the company, they took the guts of old MacBook Air laptops and connected them to their own prototype boards with the goal of building the very first machines that would run macOS on Apple's own, custom-designed, ARM-based silicon.

Source: “We are giddy”—interviewing Apple about its Mac silicon revolution, an article by Samuel Axon.

The "ARM™ Powered" mug

Back in the 90's I was able to get one of the official "ARM™ Powered" mugs for free. I hope that in the near future its possible to run Linux on an Apple silicon powered Mac mini so I can upgrade to such a machine. I've liked the ARM architecture ever since I read about it in Byte magazine and have fond memories of using an Acorn Archimedes A310 for many years.

The "ARM™ Powered" mug
The "ARM™ Powered" mug.