Thu 12 Nov 2020

Charles proxy for web scraping

Charles proxy is an HTTP debugging proxy that can inspect network calls and debug SSL traffic. With Charles, you are able to inspect requests/responses, headers and cookies. Today we will see how to set up Charles, and how we can use Charles proxy for web scraping. We will focus on extracting data from Javascript-heavy web pages and mobile applications.

Source: Charles proxy for web scraping, an article by Kevin Sahin.

Building a Homelab VM Server (2020 Edition)

For the past five years, I’ve done all of my software development in virtual machines (VMs). Each of my projects gets a dedicated VM, sparing me the headache of dependency conflicts and TCP port collisions.

Three years ago, I took things to the next level by building my own homelab server to host all of my VMs. It’s been a fantastic investment, as it sped up numerous dev tasks and improved reliability.

In the past few months, I began hitting the limits of my VM server. My projects have become more resource-hungry, and mistakes I’d made in my first build were coming back to bite me. I decided to build a brand new homelab VM server for 2020.

Source: Building a Homelab VM Server (2020 Edition), an article by Michael Lynch.

Alice handling an Aphonopelma seemanni

In the evening Alice held the female adult Aphonopelma seemanni I keep. Currently, this tarantula is held in a smaller enclosure so her main enclosure can dry out a bit.

Alice holding a female Aphonopelma seemanni
Alice holding a female Aphonopelma seemanni.