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Sun 01 Nov 2020

Boot volume layout

When you format a disk and install macOS on it, making it a startup or boot volume, it has a standard structure, something that has changed greatly over the last couple of years. This article summarises all you need to know about the layout of APFS boot disks and volumes from High Sierra and Mojave through to Big Sur, running on an Intel Mac at least.

Source: Boot volume layout.

Building containers without Docker

In this post I'll outline several ways to build containers without the need for Docker itself. I'll use OpenFaaS as the case-study, which uses OCI-format container images for its workloads. The easiest way to think about OpenFaaS is as a CaaS platform for Kubernetes which can run microservices, and add in FaaS and event-driven tooling for free.

Source: Building containers without Docker, an article by Alex Ellis.

Why I prefer functional programming

This post explains why I stick with functional programming, using a rationale that a non-functional programmer can relate to.

The reason is actually pretty simple: functional programming idioms are more enduring and portable than idioms from other programming paradigms (such as procedural or object-oriented programming). To explain why, I need to first define what I understand “functional programming” to mean (which is admittedly an imprecise and vague term).

Source: Why I prefer functional programming, an article by Gabriel Gonzalez.