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Wed 30 Sep 2020

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools finds a bug in tumblelog

In the afternoon I signed up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) which is free for website owners. In the past I've used the free Backlink Checker, also by Ahrefs, to find new links to my blog. But because the checker shows only a subset of backlinks it's very limited in use. So I was pleasantly surprised that AWT shows all backlinks to Plurrrr. And more, in a short time I was able to find a link still pointing to the http version of this site (fixed). Moreover, I found a bug in my own static site generator, tumblelog: the first of December 2019 falls in week 1 of 2020, but in the calendar view of 2019 the week number links to 2019, not 2020. This results in a missing page error, 404, which AWT neatly reported. I plan to fix this issue the coming weekend.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools reports a 404 HTTP status code
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools reports a 404 HTTP status code.

When fonts fall

One of the typographical questions we get often is, “How does font fallback work exactly?” It’s not even that Figma does something unique here (although we have our own specific take), but font fallback is just complex, filled with quirks and unexpected side effects. Our resident font enthusiast Marcin Wichary decided to dig into the issue and prepare an exhaustive guide to font fallback, its beauty, and all the pitfalls.

Source: When fonts fall, an article by Marcin Wichary.

Comprehensive guide on handling long lines in Emacs

Users of Emacs sometimes run into a performance issue which they didn't know about before, but is well known: Working with files which include long lines. If the lines are long enough - which can just be a couple thousand characters - Emacs will crawl to a halt whilst utilising 100% CPU. After reading this guide, you will be well prepared to tackle even these files in Emacs!

Source: Comprehensive guide on handling long lines in Emacs, an article by Alain M. Lafon.