Wed 23 Sep 2020

Haskell's Children

If I were to travel back in time 4 years ago, and tell my old self that Haskell was starting to lose its shine, I wouldn’t believe it. I grew up on Haskell, my appetite for category theory was whetted by Haskell, my biggest programming projects have been in Haskell, and my dream job was to work at a company that used Haskell.

But now, I find myself simply not as excited about Haskell as I used to be. What changed?

Source: Haskell's Children, an article by Owen Lynch.

Visualizing gzip compression with Python!

Not that long ago, I found myself wanting to understand gzip. I didn’t necessarily want to learn to implement the algorithm, but rather I just wanted to understand how it was performing on a particular file. Even more specifically, I wanted to understand which parts of a file compressed well, and which ones did not.

There may be readily available tools for visualizing this, but I didn’t find anything. Since I know gzip is implemented in the Python standard libraries, and I’m familiar with Python plotting libraries, I thought I would try to make my own visualization. This blog post (which is in fact just a Jupyter notebook) is the result.

Source: Visualizing gzip compression with Python!, an article by Stephen Brennan.