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Tue 08 Sep 2020

Introduction to runc

runc is a lightweight portable container runtime parts of which were internally used by Docker and were packaged as a single binary and released as an open source project under the the Open Containers Initiative (OCI) as a way of giving back to the community. Explained simply, runc is a lightweight tool written in Go which helps manage a container’s lifecycle i.e creating, running, killing and deleting a container. You’ll go through each of these steps in this post and see how runc differs from Docker when it comes to running containers.

Source: Introduction to runc, an article by Danish Prakash.

Autogenerated Screenshots in Markdown

I’ve been working on user documentation for Boardgame Lab. As is the case for most product documentation, screenshots are the most time consuming aspect of this process.

Generating them is one half of the picture. Keeping them up to date as the product evolves is another challenge.

Fortunately, there is a way to automate this.

Source: Autogenerated Screenshots in Markdown, an article by Nicolo Davis.

UX Design for Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are one of the most-viewed and most-clicked-on pieces of interface. Let’s look at some principles of nav design that will help our users have a better experience.

Source: UX Design for Navigation Menus, an article by Jordan Bowman.