Tue 18 Aug 2020

Haskell mini-patterns handbook

This blog post contains a structured collection of some programming mini-patterns in Haskell with the detailed description and examples, some small “quality of life” improvements that would help everyone on their developer journey.

Source: Haskell mini-patterns handbook, an article by Dmitrii Kovanikov and Veronika Romashkina.

Container processes shouldn't run as root!

Docker containers, and containers as a whole, are really just a regular program wrapped in some extra protections provided by the kernel (namely cgroups etc) to create isolation, and other interesting features.

Unlike VMs, containers run closer to the host operating system, so close they use the same kernel, meaning it’s even more important to protect it.

Source: Container processes shouldn't run as root!, an article by Jake Howard.

An Introduction to Functional Design

Functional programming doesn’t need to be complex, confusing, or theoretical.

Instead, functional programming can be simple, natural, and practical, helping you solve problems with more power and more joy than ever before.

A key to unlocking this potential is understanding functional design, a framework for applying functional programming to real world problems that I have been teaching at Ziverge as well as on my Patreon mentorship program.

Source: An Introduction to Functional Design, an article by John A De Goes.