Sun 16 Aug 2020

Aphonopelma seemanni in the open

In the afternoon I noticed that the Aphonopelma seemanni I keep was out in the open, on top of the piece of cork underneath which she has her burrow. I discovered that this large tarantula is a female the 28th of June, 2020 by inspecting her exuviae (molt).

Female Aphonopelma seemanni on top of her burrow
Female Aphonopelma seemanni on top of her burrow.

In the above photo you can clearly see the beautiful pattern on her legs; I love the contrast it makes.

After I took the above photo I gave her two mealworms.

Using Askgit

askgit provides a sql interface to your git repository. Lets install it and see what we can figure out about the repo.

Source: Using Askgit, an article by Will Schenk.

Do I Need Kubernetes?

A question I often hear from teams - both new and established - is “should we host our stack on Kubernetes?”. Given all the buzz it gets in the tech world a lot of people assume so.

I’ve been working with k8s for several years - often with very powerful and complex platforms - and I think the truth is more nuanced.

Here’s my attempt at untangling that decision. It’s geared toward startups and self-sufficient teams in wider organisations with responsibility for hosting their own products. It might also have value to people in more traditional IT departments at larger organisations.

Source: Do I Need Kubernetes?, an article by Alex Hewson.