Fri 07 Aug 2020

First Impressions of Rust

I've been wanting to write a big project in Rust for a while as a learning exercise, and actually started one in late 2018 (a FUSE server implementation). But then life happened and I got busy and never went anywhere with it. Due to certain world circumstances I'm currently spending a lot of time indoors so rust-fuse (docs) now exists and is good enough to write basic hello-world filesystems. I plan to polish it up a bit more with the goal of releasing a v1.0 that supports the same use cases as libfuse.

I took some notes along the way about things that struck me as especially good or bad. Overall I quite like Rust the language, have mixed feelings about the quality of ancillary tooling, and have strong objections to some decisions made by the packaging system (Cargo +

Source: First Impressions of Rust, an article by John Millikin.