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Thu 30 Jul 2020

Volucella zonaria

In the afternoon, when walking back to our house, I spotted what I believe to be a female Volucella zonaria; the hornet mimic hoverfly.

Side view of a Volucella zonaria female
Side view of a Volucella zonaria female.

The first of July my aunt contacted me on Messenger asking if I could identify an insect she had taken a photo of. I couldn't. But I used an app on my iPhone 5 (can't recall which one) which identified it as Volucella zonaria. Hence, why I believe the above insect to be a Volucella zonaria as well. And since males have less space between the eyes, I assume that this is a female.

The vocal red cat

On the way back to our house I encountered a very vocal red cat. It kept meowing at me, insisting to be petted which I did. It kept rolling on the sidewalk meowing and purring, requesting to be petted some more.

The vocal red cat rolling on the sidewalk
The vocal red cat rolling on the sidewalk.

Different approaches to HTTP routing in Go

There are many ways to do HTTP path routing in Go – for better or worse. There’s the standard library’s http.ServeMux, but it only supports basic prefix matching. There are many ways to do more advanced routing yourself, including Axel Wagner’s interesting ShiftPath technique. And then of course there are lots of third-party router libraries. In this article I’m going to do a comparison of several custom techniques and some off-the-shelf packages.

Source: Different approaches to HTTP routing in Go, an article by Ben Hoyt.

Referer and Referrer-Policy best practices

  • Unexpected cross-origin information leakage hinders web users' privacy. A protective referrer policy can help.
  • Consider setting a referrer policy of strict-origin-when-cross-origin. It retains much of the referrer's usefulness, while mitigating the risk of leaking data cross-origins.
  • Don't use referrers for Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection. Use CSRF tokens instead, and other headers as an extra layer of security.

Source: Referer and Referrer-Policy best practices, an article by Maud Nalpas.