Sun 21 Jun 2020

5 Quick Tips for Pipenv

I used to love Pipenv, but these days with some uncertainty around the direction and upkeep of the project my feelings are a little less clear. Nonetheless, I still use Pipenv daily for a variety of production-ready services and libraries. All of the tips in this list can be found if you dig deep into the documentation, but with the regularity that they come up, it can be handy to have a cheat sheet.

Source: 5 Quick Tips for Pipenv, an article by Andrew Scott.

Views on Error Handling

In this post, I summarize some accomplished engineer’s views on error handling. There is a distinction between errors that are caused by programmer neglecting bugs and those that represent true error conditions. The granularity of error checking is also up for debate: Per function? Per module? Jump to dialog handler in the main message loop? Kill the process and restart?

Source: Views on Error Handling, an article by Daniel Näslund.

You don't need virtualenv in Go

Programmers that come to Go from Python often wonder "do I need something like virtualenv here?"

The short answer is NO; this post will provide some additional details.

While virtualenv in Python is useful in many situations, I think it'd be fair to divide them into two broad scenarios: for execution and for development. Let's see what Go offers for each of these scenarios.

Source: You don't need virtualenv in Go, an article by Eli Bendersky.