Wed 17 Jun 2020

Multi lens set for smartphone

In the morning I bought a multi lens set for smartphones at the Action store in Naaldwijk for €3.89. The set comes with a 10× macro lens, which doubles as a 0.65× wide angle lens, a 185° fish eye, 2 lens covers, 2 clips, a pouch, and an adjustable LED ring light with USB charger cable.

Close-up of Hapalopus sp. Colombia "large"
Close-up of Hapalopus sp. Colombia "large".

In the early afternoon I took a few photos. In the above photo you can see the smallest tarantula sling I keep, a Hapalopus sp. Colombia "large". Also visible in the photo is the silk lining of its burrow.

Close-up of 2nd instar Chaerilus sp. "Java".
Close-up of 2nd instar Chaerilus sp. "Java".

I currently keep just one scorpion, a Chaerilus sp. "Java". It's currently second instar, meaning it has molted once since it was born. It also means it's very tiny, just a few mm.

Multi lens set for smartphone
Multi lens set for smartphone.

It's unclear to me how much the macro lens actually magnifies but it allows me to get closer to the subject while my phone, an iPhone 5, is still able to focus.

The adjustable LED ring light works great; it has 3 brightness settings.

Adam petting a cat

On the way back from a short visit to my mother Adam and I encountered a longhaired cat. We both stopped our bikes and petted the cat. I have blogged about this cat the 1st of June, 2019 when I spotted it resting in the shadows.

Adam petting a longhaired cat
Adam petting a longhaired cat.