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Tue 16 Jun 2020

The Goodbye Man: good

In the afternoon I finished The Goodbye Man, a Colter Shaw Novel by Jeffery Deaver. This is the second Colter Shaw book, and I liked it a lot. But, I liked the first one in the series; The Never Game more. Still, I do recommend The Goodbye Man.

10 insanely useful git commands for common git tasks

Git commands aren’t always intuitive. If they were, we would have these 10 commands at our disposal. They would be super useful for accomplishing common tasks like creating or renaming a git branch, removing files, and undoing changes.

For each git command in our wishlist, we’ll show you the commands that actually exist and you can use to accomplish the same tasks. If you’re still learning Git, this list reads like a tutorial and is worth keeping as a cheatsheet.

Source: 10 insanely useful Git commands for common Git tasks, an article by Eyar Zilberman.