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Thu 04 Jun 2020

Fix-ing regular expressions

There’s another technique that works for a subset of context-free languages. In my opinion, it is very elegant, and it is at least not painfully slow. The result is available on Hackage: the rere library. The idea is to treat regular expressions as a proper programming language, and add a constructions which proper languages should have: variables and recursion.

Source: Fix-ing regular expressions, an article by Oleg Grenrus.

Duck Typing

Duck typing is the idea that instead of checking the type of something in Python, we tend to check what behavior it supports (often by attempting to use the behavior and catching an exception if it doesn't work).

Source: Duck Typing.

Stranger Things, JavaScript Edition

Today we are going to make a special post dedicated to those weird JavaScript moments, where things behave a little bit strange.

Source: Stranger Things, JavaScript Edition, an article by Juan Cruz Martinez.