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Tue 02 Jun 2020

A Nix terminology primer by a newcomer

I don't believe I'm the only one to mention the documentation is lacking a little finish. What I personally find is that there's just a lot Nix allows you to do, and no two people do things the same way. On top of this, the official Nix manual may try to teach you a whole bunch of things you won't be using in practice.

This post is an attempt to help smooth the road a bit. What I will try to do is go through Nix terminology bottom-up, and hopefully explain concepts that way. But this will be very much from my perspective, and will contain some opinion as well.

Source: A Nix terminology primer by a newcomer, an article by Stéphan Kochen.

Ultimate Guide to Python Debugging

Even if you write clear and readable code, even if you cover your code with tests, even if you are very experienced developer, weird bugs will inevitably appear and you will need to debug them in some way. Lots of people resort to just using bunch of print statements to see what's happening in their code. This approach is far from ideal and there are much better ways to find out what's wrong with your code, some of which we will explore in this article.

Source: Ultimate Guide to Python Debugging, an article by Martin Heinz.

Running Awk in parallel to process 256M records

Awk crunches massive data; a High Performance Computing (HPC) script calls hundreds of Awk concurrently. Fast and scalable in-memory solution on a fat machine.

Source: Running Awk in parallel to process 256M records.