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Mon 01 Jun 2020

Overview of python dependency management tools

Totally confused by all the tools for managing dependencies? Pip, venv, Docker, conda, virtualenvwrapper, pipenv, … Which one should you use? Why do we even have all these different tools? Can they work together?

No wonder. The world of Python dependency management is a mess, but once you understand the tools and why they exist, it’s going to be easier to choose the one you want and deal with the others in environments where you can’t choose your favorite ones.

Source: Overview of python dependency management tools, an article by Mario Kostelac.

Taking images in Docker container

Have you ever tried to click photos with your camera in the laptop, of course, you did, but here is a twist, we will click the photo in a Docker container, many of you may be wondering how you can do that? Well, let me get started with this interesting thing.

Source: Taking images in Docker container, an article by Seema Saharan.

mDNS, avahi and docker non-root containers

mDNS is a protocol that resolves hostname to IP addresses within a small network that lacks the name server. By default, mDNS exclusively resolves hostnames ending with .local. But there will be a problem with the hosts that implement .local doesn't support mDNS protocol and can be found via a conventional unicast DNS sever. In those cases, necessary network configuration should be changed.

Source: mDNS, avahi and docker non-root containers, an article by Gnanesh Kunal.